Help from Overview of the Academic Essay

The common feature of all forms of academic writing is the presence of an argument. The reason behind this is that arguments are products of thinking and writing is thought concretised. The ideas and opinions that come into our mind and go out of it are results of our thinking about stimulus. The subjects of our thoughts are the things we see or observe like events, behaviour or pieces of literature and other kinds of works. An academic essay can be described as having different component which are the motive, idea, thesis, persuasion and tone. Whatever you are writing, whether they economics essays or literature critiques, these hold true.

  • Purpose – First, your essay should have a motive which is the purpose of your writing. You are writing because of a certain reason and not merely so that you will have something to write or do. Identify what your purpose for doing this writing task and use such motive to help you in every step of the academic writing process. You may have the same purpose with others. However, you will differ in the next element which is the argument. All of you may write economics essays with the same purpose especially because it is a uniform writing assignment, but you will differ in your arguments.
  • Argument – Next to having a purpose for your task, you have to give your work an argument. There is no point rewriting the contents of your book. Meaning, when you write something about the materials in your book, you have to give it your individual opinion. The lack of such reduces your task into a mere rewriting of what your books say. If purpose is to writing is like meaning to life, argument to writing is like “shadow to a man.” It is about principles. While you are reading and researching for your writing task, you are immersing yourself in an experience where your mind, heart and soul reacts to factors. This natural response calls for a natural product which is the opinion you develop for a topic, issue or title.
  • Persuasion – After having an argument, you must work on how to convince your readers to agree with what you are saying or at least consider it as a good point. This is the part where you do most of the writing bulk. However, you should have already done a considerable portion of this when you read and researched where you learned more about the topic. When you read and research, you have to take down notes which will be your basis for your argument and exactly what you will present in the main body or discussion part as support to your opinion. This is where you persuade readers.
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